Fair’s Friday Faves

It’s Friday, and that means it’s time for another roundup of awesome things.

But first I have to say happy Star Wars Day! Let’s start with a couple of Star Wars crafts, cause what’s not to love about a holiday based on a pun? May the 4th be with you!

Star Wars Crafts

Snowflake patterns by Anthony Herrera Designs

Light up circuit cards by Left Brain Craft Brain

DIY galaxy shoes by Doodlecraft

BB8 earrings!!! at One Mama’s Daily Drama

Other Crafty Goodness

I want to make this paper chandelier from Simple Joys.

I’d also like to try making some paper wrapped beads.

The washi taped wall in this beautiful Constellation Nursery is a brilliant idea. I might do something similar if I ever get to teach an infant class again.

And though I don’t have a kid the right age for this Hexbug painting activity, I had to include it because robots. Robots are neat.


And for my actual kid, I finally found a useful YouTube video for teaching sentence variation. It uses a passage by Gary Provost that both teaches and demonstrates the use of different kinds of sentences. It reminds me of that poem Samuel Coleridge wrote to help his son to remember the different kinds of meter in poetry.

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